Lots of businesses rely on their fleet of vehicles to go about their daily business, whether it’s transporting stock, serving customers or carrying out work. As you know, insuring any vehicles on a public road is required by law in the UK.

If you’re thinking of insuring a single vehicle, you should look at car or van insurance cover instead. But if you need to insure two or more cars, vans or trucks, then it’s worth exploring the benefits of motor fleet insurance.

Keeping track of all your insurance policies can be confusing. Whether it’s remembering all the renewal dates, the varying cover details or making changes, it can become one big administration nightmare. One wrong slip-up and you could find yourself underinsured or even uninsured altogether.

As your fleet grows, so too does the complexity and amount of time it takes to manage all the separate policies.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring what motor fleet insurance is, who needs it and what the features/benefits are.

What is Motor Fleet Insurance?

You may have heard fleet policies referred to as “motor fleet”, “motor fleet insurance”, or just “fleet insurance”, but they all mean the same thing. A fleet insurance policy in its simplest form is there to safeguard your business and its vehicles.

Motor fleet insurance is a type of business insurance that covers all of your vehicles in your companies fleet under one policy. It can include cars, vans, trucks or a combination of different vehicle types across multiple locations.

Who needs Motor Fleet Insurance?

Managing your fleet by having separate policies can be a massive headache. If your business has more than one vehicle where the main use is business then fleet insurance might make sense.

Standard motor insurance policies don’t always provide the options that fleets need. Motor Fleet Insurance can keep your fleet protected with one set of coverages for all vehicles.

Move your business forward with fleet insurance.


If your employees use their own cars for work purposes, you are obliged to make sure they have made a declaration to their insurance provider that it will be used for work purposes. This ensures they have the minimum cover required by law. It doesn’t mean that you have to cover the costs of their private motor insurance.

However, if your employees drive company vehicles then it is your responsibility to purchase appropriate motor insurance, whether that’s a fleet policy or a standard motor insurance policy for business.

What are the benefits?

A motor fleet policy pools together all of your company vehicles into one policy. Here’s how Motor Fleet can help you:

  • 1
    One renewal date
  • 2
    Consolidated cost
  • 3
    Saves you time
  • 4
    Sometimes works out cheaper
  • 5
    Easier to edit and manage
  • 6
    The flexibility to add or remove vehicles
  • 7
    Can accommodate a much larger pool of drivers


Businesses with a few vehicles to insure can benefit from having their vehicles insured on a single policy because it can be cost-effective, easy to manage and provide an overall level of convenience.

If you’re not already on a fleet policy, it could be time to upgrade to one. The right protection will allow you to get on with your business without distraction or added cost.

Picking the right motor fleet policy

If you’re looking for motor fleet insurance, it’s important to ensure you pick the right policy for your needs. A good motor fleet policy can save your business time and money.

Let us provide one simple quote and policy for all your vehicles. Our experts handle all the details and you can relax knowing that you have a trusted broker looking after your business vehicles.

How can we help?

If Motor Fleet Insurance sounds like it might be for you, why not give us a try. Call our friendly team on 01527 874092, email info@jukesinsurance.co.uk or visit us in person.

Published On: May 15th, 2023 / Last Updated: May 15th, 2023 /

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