As a small business, you’ll often find yourself competing against larger businesses with more money to splash on fancy marketing campaigns. Some small businesses find it difficult to stand-out amongst the crowd and gain more customers.
Years ago it was simple, you put an ad in the local paper and then the phone started ringing. Now it’s not quite so simple, in part thanks to the internet. As businesses, we need to meet these changes in consumers expectations and play the game.
The game has changed so if you aren’t already utilising digital marketing then you could be missing out. In this blog, we’ll be covering some free resources, and offering some free tips.

The importance of effective marketing

With marketing online, it can be tempting to target as many people as possible which is often a mistake. The key is to define what your target audience looks like and market to people who fit those criteria. Remember that just because anyone can benefit from your product/service it doesn’t mean that they will buy it. Spend your advertising budget more effectively by targeting those who are more easily convinced.

1) Claim free ad credit

The vast majority of platforms will offer you free credit or coupons so that you can try it for yourself. Digital marketing often works out cheaper than traditional forms making it easier to test the waters and dip your toes in.
Here are some ad platforms offering free credit:
Eligibility may vary, so please check terms and conditions.

2) Shout about your reviews

What better way to market your business than to let your customers do the talking. If you aren’t already using a review platform we’d highly suggest doing so. We use – it has taken our word of mouth marketing to the next level for us.
Whilst you may not look to pay a monthly fee for a solution there are free alternatives. Sometimes its as simple as asking or linking your customers to review platforms such as Google at the point of sale.

3) Collaborate with other small businesses

Working with like-minded business can catapult your businesses growth and be mutually beneficial. When deciding who to collaborate with, ask yourself if your target audience is similar and whether your values are compatible. Consider the businesses you may already work with by working together it can help strengthen your relationship all the while taking your marketing up a notch.

4) Connect with your audience on social media

Social media can be your megaphone for your business. It’s free but before you get started its important to consider which platforms are right for you by asking:
  • Is my product visual?
  • Who am I trying to reach?

If the products you’re selling are visual then you’re in luck! With a couple of clicks on your smartphone, you can share your product with the world. However, if your product is service then you will have to work a little harder to convey this. To make your work appear more professional, use a free graphic design tool such as Canva – if you can use Word then you can use this.

5) Optimise your website using SEO tactics

You’ll probably have heard this before, but what does it mean? It means ensuring that your website has meta titles and tags so that search engines such as Google know how to index your page. Factors such as site speed, mobile friendly and even accessibility features such as alt image tags can all impact your ranking. This is a long-term strategy and doesn’t give immediate results, so be patient. If unsure where to start we’d suggest working with a marketing specialist to do the hard work for you.

We know the importance of dealing locally. As a small independent business, we rely on our word of mouth. We don’t splash out on expensive advertisements to avoid passing on any unnecessary cost to our loyal customers.

If you’re looking for competitive small business insurance then give us a shout on 01527 874092. Let us know your renewal date we’ll work with you to advise appropriate cover for your businesses unique risks.

Published On: November 13th, 2020 / Last Updated: March 10th, 2021 /

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