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Together with Coalition, we’re able to provide an active approach to Cyber Insurance, including a personalised Cyber Risk Assessment with advice on how to shield your business from cyber criminals. It is created with non-invasive scanning technology which uses your public domains to look at your systems through the eyes of a hacker, revealing haunting risks and creepy cracks in your data security.

Our cauldron mixes prevention with protection…

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The first step to ward off danger is understanding your risks, taking preventative action and insuring your business. To find out more get in touch with our friendly team.

How does it work? 🔮

Along with your free risk assessment, if you take out the policy, you’ll get access to cyber risk management platform, Coalition Control. This helps you identify security issues which might become cyber attacks in the future, and stop them before it’s too late. All with an insurance policy that protects you.

Learn more in this explainer video.

Common objections ☠️

In our experience, there are three types of cyber sceptics, who don’t have cyber insurance. If you fall into one of these categories, you might want to consider cyber.

Finally, there is the one group that may need it most of all. The ‘Cyber Novice’ is blissfully unaware of cyber risks, but the shadows grow darker. Unless you cast spells and send owls, its time to take cyber seriously.

Caution: Insurance is not a replacement for good IT practices…

Summon the power of cyber insurance 🧪

At Jukes Insurance Brokers, we understand the spellbinding challenges owners face in the constantly evolving realm of cyber crime.

We’re not tied to any one provider, allowing us to conjure a variety of different options, including this active approach from Coalition.

No matter how secure you are it doesn’t make you invincible. Even if your system was impenetrable, it doesn’t stop employees, suppliers or customers from accidentally opening a ‘portal’ of chaos within your business.

Cyber Insurance offers a fast response and a team of experts — ready to go, on day one.

Some of the available cover:

  • Malware

  • Ransomware
  • Extortion
  • Liability
  • Business Interruption

  • Investigation Costs

  • Compensation

  • Legal Costs

Here is a scary fact for you

According to Hiscox, one small UK business is hacked every 19 seconds. Being without the cover you need could be a costly mistake as cyber criminals are always finding new ways of targetting businesses.

Don’t leave your fate to chance! Get your free quote and cyber risk assessment today.

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    Frequently asked questions ❔

    Cyber insurance is a form of liability cover to protect your business from threats in our digital world. As a business, you are responsible for your cybersecurity and your data. Having the right cyber insurance policy in place should be considered a key part of business continuity planning.

    It gives you access to a range of professionals and can help you to respond to cyberattacks quickly and decisively.

    View our blog to find out more

    Most insurance policies will cover the first party (the business involved) and third-party (claims made against you) for both financial and reputational costs. We tailor cover to your unique risks and advise appropriate cover to fit your unique needs.

    The responsibility is ultimately yours to ensure your company data is secure. There are a whole lot of ways that hackers can comrpomise your systems, and even the best IT companies can’t protect against human error. For example, if your employee clicks on a suspicious attachment, or if a hacker is able to social engineer their way into your systems.

    You wouldn’t avoid buildings insurance because you have great locks, it is a similar story here…

    Businesses of all sizes are seen as targets by cybercriminals. Smaller companies typically invest less in their cyber security, hackers know this and exploit it.

    As your business becomes more and more reliant on technology you become more appealing to cybercriminals. They will go to any length to benefit from system vulnerabilities or poorly trained staff.

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