Towards the end of April, we launched our campaign to help support Primrose Hospice by donating £10 for every new annual policy we sold. 

We announced this initiative as we wanted to give back to our local community which has given us so much. Given our longstanding relationship with Primrose Hospice, and the challenges they were facing with the closure of their shops, and lack of usual fundraising events, supporting them was the obvious choice.

We’re pleased to announce that we raised over £1,500.00 from the charity initiative as thanks for the support they show us all and have continued to show in extremely challenging circumstances.

James Godsall, Managing Director of Jukes Insurance Brokers said, “150 new policies in that time is a fantastic effort, particularly given the current circumstances.” 

“I’m extremely grateful to the team at Jukes Insurance Brokers for all of their efforts in getting to this, and to everyone who has trusted us to look after their insurance needs.”

Sally Insley from Primrose Hospice said, “We were delighted to learn that Jukes Insurance had chosen to support Primrose Hospice, especially during the pandemic.”

“This came at a time when many fundraising events had been cancelled and our retail shops had been forced to close, leaving us with an unprecedented shortfall in our income generation activities.”

“We have to generate around £1.5million per year to keep our services operational, it’s with thanks to supporters like Jukes Insurance that we continue to meet the needs of our patients and their families.”

We also have some policies that fell outside this timeframe, so if we secure those, we will honour the £10 donation to Primrose closer to the time.

However, this figure barely scratches the surface. Primrose Hospice needs to raise so much more and with their fundraising ability slashed they need our help.

This initiative has come to a close, however, if you would like to donate to their Just Giving page click here. For more ways to donate, click the link below.

Published On: July 1st, 2020 / Last Updated: July 1st, 2020 /

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